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Ay Gyula Managing Director

Ay Gyuláné Financial Director

Ay Gyula Balázs Executive Director

König Zsuzsanna Sales Assistant

Address: 2081 Piliscsaba, Kálvária u. 50-52. 5. building

Phone: +36/26/373-768

Fax: +36/26/373-650pület



„Project of production expansion at Aynex Ltd” could not have been done without the competition VEKOP-1.2.1-16-2016-00097 of the Ministry of Finance and Economy.
Beneficiary of the project: Aynex Industrial and Trading Ltd
Title of the project: „Project of production expansion at Aynex Ltd
Id number of the project: VEKOP-1.2.1-16-2016-00097
Amount of the subsidy: 23 320 000 HUF
Extent of support: 40%
Date of closure: 13.01.2017
Content of project: purchase of two plastic injection moulding machines. With the help of them new production technology can be introduced, energy can be saved and the percentage of waste product can be decreased in the future.

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