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Aynex Industrial and Trading Ltd

Our company, which was founded in 1991, is 100% family business and has 35-year-professional experience in the area of plastic processing. Our main profile is the production of household plastic products, window-boxes, rose-bowls, tableware and pressurized ventilator shutters, depressed entrainment shutters, weathering ventilating grids in our own development. With closing up to the requirements of the 21 century (computer controlled production processes), our company is in the front–rank of plastic processing. We have been developing contiguously not only professionally but technologically as well since the beginning of 1990s.

We have 14 employees in our 24000 square-meter-establishment where there are 3 buildings (2- 900 m, 1-700 m).

ISO 90001/2000 system of quality assurance is elaborated.

We have 15 plastic injection moulding machines, with 15-800-ton-closing force and 0,3-300-gramm- moulding-capacity.

We can manufacture our products in variety of colours according to our customers’ orders.

Our main clients:

  • the main wholesalers of Hungary
  • McDonald’s fast food restaurants

In the management of our company it is very important to keep up continuous development. In order to this our target was to purchase modern, computer controlled plastic injection moulding machines:

In 2000 1 new machine was purchased.

In 2003 2 new machines were purchased.

In 2007 5 new machines were purchased.

In 2010 1 new machine was purchased.

In 2011 1 new machine was purchased.

In 2014 2 new machines were purchased.

In 2016 1 new machine was purchased.

In 2017 2 new machines were purchased.

In 2018 1 new machine has been purchased.

In 2019 4 new machine has been purchased.

In 2020, 1 new machine was purchased.

In 2021, 1 new machine was purchased.

We plan to purchase 1 new machine in 2022.

Thanks to the machine investments we are able to manufacture technical products of high quality besides the household products with quick and precise recognition of the new technologies.

We also possess the supplementary equipment to manufacture technical products:

Tempering tools, dryers of raw material, angus grinders etc.

Machine registration

TypeClosing forceScrew diameterColumn distanceCentralising sizeCore pulling unitHeating power
Engine power
Min. toolsMax. tools
1Netstal1510250*250 Ø 300515140250
2Netstal1510250*250 Ø 300515140250
3Ferromatik2530400*400 Ø 1100615175300
4Weiye5030280*280 Ø 1001815180320
5Milakron5018320*320 Ø 125011.311150410
6Chen Hsong8031355*300 Ø 12526.511130320
7Chen Hsong12036410*360 Ø 12528.811145380
8Haitian1203540*410 Ø 12529.7515150430
9Haitian15045455*455 Ø 12529.7518.5180500
10Chen Hsong15042455*425 Ø 12529.720160450
11Chen Hsong15046455*425 Ø 12529.713160450
12TMC20070505*505 Ø 17511422200500
13Haitian25060570*570 Ø 160216.6530220570
14Weiye25055580*580 Ø 16011522200550
15Weiye32070680*680 Ø 160124.737250720
16Weiye40070730*730 Ø 160123.537280850
17Chen Hsong40075730*730 Ø 160221.635250750
18Chen Hsong48083810*810 Ø 16023045275820
19Chen Hsong800981000*1000 Ø 200240.6714001075
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